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Team Rep Guide

Guidelines for Paying Referees

Each team will be given 2 checks to cover the referee fees for the season. Each team owes referee fees per game.
Home team (Team listed first on Schedule) pays center referee $55. Visitor team pays each Assistant Referee $35 each. Exact change required. If you are short one or more Assistant Referees for any game, that money is owed back to the league. Verified all three (3) Referees have signed their names. No signature indicates the referee was not there and the money will be owed back to the league. Check the cards for any information about the game such as injuries, red/caution cards, and goals. Make sure the caution/red cards are given to the correct person.

Guidelines for Player’registration

Each player must be registered with the SETS league for that season to be eligible to play in the SETS league match. If an unregistered player is played, the unregistered player will be suspended for two (2) matches and the team representative will be assessed a $75 fine and suspended for two (2) matches. Any disputes shall be decided by the Center Referee. 

Guidelines for Game Cards

The home team (listed first on the schedule) is responsible for providing the game card. The home team will complete their team name, player’s names and jersey numbers. The home team will then deliver the game card to the visiting team. The visiting team will complete their team name, player’s names and jersey numbers and deliver the game card to the center referee. Both teams shall sign the completed card at the end of the match. The winning team is responsible for turning the game card in after each game. Ensure the game card is placed in the correct box, not the front slot/flap. Ours has “SETS Adult Soccer” on the front. There will be a $5 fine if the card is not turned in to the box on the day of the game, within a reasonable amount of time after the game. They are picked up after the last game is over. 

Guidelines for Rescheduling Games

To reschedule a game, the team representative requesting the reschedule MUST: 1. Contact the opposing team’s representative and agree on a rescheduled day & time to play the game (or agree to a forfeit). The opposing team’s coordinator must agree before the game can be rescheduled. 2. Contact the referee assignor, Mike Stasinos, (409-659-7458 or by the Saturday before so he can cancel and/or reschedule the refs for Sun. Sunday is too late to call and you will have a forfeit and be required to pay the referees. 3. Inform the SETS Registrar, Stephen Goodman.

Remember these are guidelines for rules that are often asked about. They do not replace or override the ByLaws. In the event of any disagreement between this summary and the S.E.T.S. League By-Laws, the By-Laws will govern. For a complete list of rules and regulations, or any questions demanding a further explanation of any given rule or guideline, please refer to the S.E.T.S. By-Laws. 
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